Concept, design and development
Data and Information about Sun, Earth and Space
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Welcome to Space Observatory

SpaceObservatory (a.k.a is a set of datascience projects about working with publically available scientific data.

It's a study in how to identify scientific data sources, get access to it, and working with different data formats science uses. It also studies how to analyse data and to graphically present the data in a useful way. It's work in progress and new services and datasources will be added continually.

It taught us that you need to have some subject matter knowledge ob the subject you are analyzing data from in order to make good use of the data and make resonable analyses.

The topics covered here are Sun, Earth and Planets.

Earth Observatory (Discontinued)

Earthquake data from different regions is acquired directly from local seismological services and presented in graphical form on a map.We are currently working on how to use data about hurricanes and typhoons.

Planets Observatory

Data about space object approaching Earth, so called Near Earth Objects is collected and display in graphical form.

Solar Observatory

Data on solar events, such as active regions, sunspots, coronal holes, solar flares and filament eruptions are collected and presented. We produce spaceweather prediction videos (ENLIL) and daily activity recap videos showing 24 hours of solar activity for each day.

Topical Maps

Several maps on different topics will be placed here. Currently, we have some sample conflict maps, that are loosely maintained and serve as demonstration. More maps and functionality will be added in the coming months.

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